Ein Interessanter Kommentar aus USA auf einer russischen Künstlerseite der Band Otava Yo

Die Band: Отава Ё – Otava Yo
Und die machen richtig gute und lustige traditionelle Musik

Jesse (Wisconsin, USA) почта 04:19 17-04-22

May you have a happy Easter. Thank you for your music. As an American who is tired and weary from wading through the filth that is modern American culture, I will say that your songs, and especially your videos bring me some joy. When I become too angry at the how the people who rule my country have destroyed and degenerated what was once a thriving European culture here, I can watch some of your videos and be reminded that the European soul still exists somewhere, even if it is dead here in America. I hope you continue to embody and portray that beautiful European spirit, and I hope that the war in Ukraine ends soon so European brothers and sisters no longer kill each other. There are too few of us as it is.

Jesse (Wisconsin, USA) почта 04:18 17-04-22

Uwe Trettin, you say that „Russians are butchering Ukrainians“, but are you aware of what the Azov Battalion has been doing to Russians who live in Donetsk and Luhansk for the last eight years? Do you know about the Maidan, where the American CIA instigated a coup to overthrow Ukraine’s pro-Russian government so they could install one friendly to NATO? Do you know that the people living in the Donbass region, who are mostly Russians, have repeatedly voted to break away from Ukraine, but their votes are always ignored, and that in retaliation for their voting that way the Ukrainian government has allowed them to be shelled with artillery and attacked for the last eight years? That thousands of civilians have been killed in those regions and that NATO (which your and my governments are both supporting) encouraged that? Do you know any of that, or are you just listening to what the mainstream media tells you and believing it without attempt to analyze it yourself?